They are; a customer This agreement is accepted pursuant to the agreement with TRP`s terms, either by signing or continuing the instruction of TRP Timber Recruitments Exchange, LLC will make available the Timbers reciprocity program for use by Timbers Reciprocity members, subject to the terms of the Timbers Exchange, the LLC`s membership policies and agreements, and the terms and conditions set out in this disclosure manual. Timbers Exchange, LLC uses SalesForce to record all sales activities from lead to sale. Once the closing is complete, all members are invited to register on their Timbers Collection account. When registering for the Timbers Collection, each new member is registered with a registration date for the Timbers Collection at SalesForce. All members with a registration date are considered registered buyers. Members without a registration date are not considered registered buyers. A buyer with multiple ownership shares in the same property is counted only once for each individual interest. Affiliation Agreement refers to an agreement between the company and the owners` association or a comparable unit or a representative of the owners for a purpose of the wood collection or real estate within a destination of the Timbers Collection, which makes such a destination a member place. Agreement – means that this agreement, including an annex or timetable that contains (iv) our agreement, depends in any event on the subcontractor`s obligation to comply with contractual conditions that include conditions that include adequate protection of shared data, in accordance with the provisions and intent; and you agree to provide us, at our request, a copy of these conditions (iii) we may refuse our consent in this regard for any reason, that these terms of use constitute the full agreement between you and Timbers regarding this purpose and any prior or simultaneous communications and suggestions, whether electronically, oral or written between you and Timbers with respect to the site. , of the next generation.

This agreement is governed by the laws of England and Wales and the parties are subject to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales. (ii) a request for approval must be made in writing and disclose all relevant information, including the purpose of the proposed disclosure (b) to avoid any doubt as to the provision of data shared by us to you, and you agree that our willingness to provide you with data disclosed on that basis will be properly considered for all purposes of this Agreement and its application. Contract – The agreement or proposal agreement between you and us regarding the provision of services to us and references to the contract includes from time to time any modification of the contract agreed with us Membership Application means the written or electronic application or registration form that is filled out by anyone applying to be a member of the Timbers reciprocity program and by which each person accepts the provisions of the guidelines. c) effect of termination. In the event of a sale, transfer or transfer of a stake in a Home Resort that is not accompanied by an authorized transfer of TRP membership, an individual`s membership account and TRP membership automatically expire and that person no longer has rights to program weeks, transfer credits or booking confirmations. However, if a member held, prior to the transfer, more than one participation in a member place or in member departments, the membership account does not end, but only the rights to station credits, program weeks and booking confirmations that have been allocated to the interest transferred.