Black History Month Comedy Festival

LOL SHOW UK and the Comedy Cafe have combined together to deliver what looks set to be one of the most exciting comedy festivals ever. The Black History Month Comedy Special is something that many would say has been long over due.

Renowned for producing shows of the highest standard and have become one of the pioneers of black comedy in the UK.

The Festival will host a mixture of compilation and solo shows showcasing the best in Black comedy entertainment from both established big names and new generation comics.

The Festival aims to promote the awareness of Black History month and to give the community an opportunity to celebrate the BHM with smiles and belly laughter. 


LOL SHOW Weekend Legends banner
LOL SHOW Weekend – Legends Edition
LOL SHOW - Allstars Edition
LOL SHOW – Allstars Edition
Unusual Suspects - Nabil, Travis, Ola and Dane
Unusual Suspects – Nabil, Travis, Ola and Dane


BHM Will

Will E “You Know Me Now” Thur 8th October 

Funmbi - "Legal Immigrant" - 13th October 2015

Funmbi “Legal Immigrant” Tues 13th October

Rudi Lickwood - "Too Dyamn Rude" - 15th October 2015

Rudi Lickwood “Too Dyamn Rude” Thur 15th October

Kane Brown - "Old Dog, New Tricks" - 20th October 2015

Kane Brown “Old Dog, New Tricks” Tues 20th October

Toju - "Kilarious" - 22nd October 2015

Toju  “Kilarious” Thur 22nd October

Mr Cee - "Snigger Please" - 29th October 2015

Mr Cee “Snigger Please” Thur 29th October